The Android tablet market experienced a strong resurgence between 2020 and 2021, as a consequence of the emerging needs of the COVID-19 pandemic and the new work habits that would emerge. Indeed, Realme would be one of the manufacturers to take advantage of this renaissance with its Realme Pad tablet presented in September 2021.

It is a mid-range Android tablet with an excellent price / quality ratio that the Chinese company will launch mainly in its home market, China. However, Realme Pad is also available in Europe through some online sales platforms with an approximate price of € 160.


Realme Pad will not be officially updated to Android 12

Android Tablet Realme Pad
The color schemes and overall design of the Realme Pad rablet.

To our users’ amazement and frustration, Realme has now confirmed that this product will not be updated to Google’s Android 12. We remind you that this device was presented last September, it currently uses the Android 11 operating system with the Realme UI 2.0 interface.

In addition, for all intents and purposes the tablet enjoyed good demand, being also available in Portugal for less than € 199, as we reported in 4gnews. In other words, this seemed to be the best value for money tablet on the market (and for many purposes it still is). However, this decision not to update it is downright objectionable.

The infamous confirmation was made by Realme himself in his official forum. He did this during a question and answer session in which he specified that the Realme Pad will not receive Android 12. However, it will be entitled to security updates and performance improvements during its lifetime.


The Realme tablet has enough specs to receive Android 12

Android Tablet Realme Pad
The main features and highlights of the Realme Pad tablet.

In stark contrast to the market trend, Realme has chosen not to provide system updates for this recent mobile device. On the other hand, Samsung even updated its Galaxy Tab A7 Lite (2020) with this version of the operating system.

In short, in a deliberate action, with an unknown purpose (either to save resources, or due to difficulties in adapting Android 12 to the MediaTek chip), the Chinese manufacturer will deprive its users of the various improvements implemented by Google.

That is, there is no material that you design for the interface, privacy and security improved with various implementations such as Approximate location and a new notification management system, among other improvements. listed on the official page.


Finally, Realme did not justify this decision, at least controversial.