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Android 12: Google Phone gets Material You design a few days before launch

Google continues to deploy Material You within its applications. After Gmail, Chrome or Contacts, it is now Phone’s turn to dress in a softer and more rounded design that arrives with Android 12. Not all beta users are entitled to it yet, but this cannot be done. delay.

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Credit: u / zachb1818 via Reddit

The beta of Android 12 is coming to an end. A few days ago, Google rolled out the latest version before the operating system officially landed on users’ smartphones. And it can be felt: at this stage, the changes are minor, it is above all about improving the stability of the OS. Despite everything, updates continue to arrive and the latest concerns Google Phone.

Among the big news is Material You, a new interface that greatly rejuvenates the features of Android 12. More rounded corners, new colors, customization possibilities… It is a whole new skin which is equipped with the operating system, as well as the Google applications. Indeed, in recent months, several of them have sported a new design inspired by the interface. After Calendar, Gmail, Chrome or even Contacts, it’s now Phone’s turn.

Google Phone takes on the Material You layer

Reddit member u / zachb1818 discovered the app’s new design and shared the first screenshots. Nothing very transcendent, but a few changes that are still pleasing to the eye. The floating buttons at the bottom right, in particular, are softened with rounded corners. The colors are also close to pastel. On the other hand, the user specifies that the latter do not yet adapt to the defined theme, even if he notes that this could happen in a future update.

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Google Phone in Material You sauce is available in version 70 of the application. However, not all users are entitled to it today. Not all smartphones display the new interface yet, but it’s probably only a matter of time. The official Android 12 rollout is slated for October 4, and there’s a good chance everyone will benefit from the update by then.

Source: Reddit

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