Android 11 is coming soon to Nvidia Shield TV, the test phase has already started

Nvidia is currently testing Android 11 on its Shield TVs. Several users announced the thing on Reddit, before having their posts deleted. For the moment, impossible to know when the new version of the OS will be deployed.

Credit: Nvidia

As you may know, it’s been several years now that the Nvidia Shield TV runs on Android 9. A few weeks ago, several users called on the manufacturer to find out if Nvidia intended to offer a new version of the OS soon. Nvidia preferred to ignore Android 10, for lack of significant new features between Android 9 and 10.

On the other hand, Nvidia is visibly more interested in Android 11, as revealed by our colleagues from Android Headlines. Indeed, several clues suggest that Nvidia is currently testing Android 11 on its Nvidia Shield. Several users on Reddit claim to have received a update called “SHIELD Experience 9.0” based on Android 11 for Android TV.

Unsurprisingly, the posts in question were quickly removed from the platform. Which suggests that it was a closed beta and that participants should not in any case talk about it on social networks and on the web for example. Some have also specified that they were indeed participating in a closed beta program of Nvidia.

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Nvidia is testing Android 11 on the Nvidia Shield TV

However, our colleagues from Android Police were able to discover some details in the publications of users before their deletion. According to early feedback, this new update does not bring a major visual overhaul. Remember that the interface has already been modernized in June 2021 in the style of Google TV.

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As the publications state, the changes are mostly “under the hood”. We note first of all native support for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller as well as USB support for the Steam Controller. Auto Low Latency Mode, Google TV’s automatic low latency mode, is also available on compatible televisions running the Android TV platform.

Features like one-time permissions and other performance improvements, including better support for certain devices like microphones, are part of the bundle. Of course, Nvidia has still not communicated about the deployment of Android 11. In fact, impossible to know when the new version of the OS will arrive on the stable channel. However, participants claimed that the beta program started several weeks ago.

Source: Android Headlines

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