Home Business Andrew Tate attacks crypto enthusiasts: “biggest losers of all time”

Andrew Tate attacks crypto enthusiasts: “biggest losers of all time”

Andrew Tate attacks crypto enthusiasts: “biggest losers of all time”

Former kickboxing champion and social media personality Andrew Tate has once again come into the spotlight with his harsh criticism of crypto investors. Tate, known for his controversial statements, recently called crypto nerds the “biggest losers on the planet.”

Tate’s attack on crypto fans

In a tirade against the crypto industry, Tate claims that people involved in crypto are wasting their time on a pointless and unsafe endeavor. He explains that those who consider themselves part of the crypto world are “nothing more than gambling addicts looking for the next quick win.” Striking because he also belongs to this group. For example, he once bought 21 Bitcoin (BTC), which were then confiscated from him by the Romanian authorities.

Tate often takes controversial positions. Now he has once again become the focus of attention through his commitment X contribution (formerly Twitter). There were previously rumors that the influencer wanted to launch his own cryptocurrency, but he debunked it in a podcast. During the Disruptors Podcast on February 23, he spoke with former Paramount Pictures vice chairman Rob Moore.

Now Tate has caused a stir again with his attack on crypto enthusiasts. In the interview with Moore, he hinted that he would like to make fun of the crypto industry. He has a very negative opinion about crypto investors, as evident from his words:

“I just like playing around with crypto-twitter because crypto-twitters are the biggest divergent losers on the planet. They are losers. Crypto is the only scenario I can think of where you can make a lot of money without providing any benefit to society.”

The ex-kickboxer went a step further and compared crypto trading to “bad actions in a normal business,” such as purchasing blood diamonds. He even claimed that this was better than crypto.

According to Tate, crypto Twitter is full of “gambling losers.”

Tate sees crypto as unique. Someone can invest $100 and make a million dollars. And without any benefit to society, without ever helping anyone or learning valuable lessons, he says. He believes his way of making money is better because he has learned many important lessons:

“You learn how to talk, you learn how to deal with stress, you learn how to deal with people, you learn about banking, you learn about taxes, you learn things. If you make a ton of money with a crypto pump, you have learned nothing and helped no one. It is every lazy person’s dream to have one Shit coin Buying something that explodes is better than getting rich without working.”

The 37-year-old speaker points out that crypto investors know nothing: “All they know is gambling, so they gamble again, lose more, borrow money, gamble again and lose more.” This is also why he believes Tate that crypto Twitter is full of losers. “I love playing with them because they want me to bring out a coin because they would make a lot of money with it,” he concludes.

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