Andorra: flatulence at the origin of a general fight in a spa

On the evening of Monday, October 11, a general fight broke out at the Caldea thermoludic center located in the principality of Andorra. The cause of this disorder: a simple flatulence, or more commonly called, a fart.

As the Andorran media reports, Altaveu, it was around midnight when the scene began. While several clients of the thermal center were in the changing rooms and were about to leave the premises, for some unknown reason, one of them approached another, and then let out a little “wind.” Came from the depths of his intestines.

But the person next to him clearly did not appreciate this inconvenience. The two individuals then began to explain. However the tone rose, and the insults ended up flowing in all directions, before they reached hands.

Surrounded by members of their respective families, they did not hesitate to take part in the debate, each taking up the defense of their respective loved ones. And rather than trying to calm the situation, relatives also began to beat each other.

Police attended

Faced with the scale of this heckling involving no less than twelve people in total, the spa’s security services had no other choice but to notify the police, who immediately went to the scene.

And despite the arrival of four patrols, one of them was also taken to task by a woman who was among the actors in the fight. However, it was quickly brought under control, as were the two protagonists at the origin of this argument.

Arrested at first for disrespecting a police officer and attacking physical integrity, the three people finally got away with a simple symbolic sentence, then were released Tuesday evening.

Knocked up in the face, the author of this whole story will certainly no longer want to relieve himself in the presence of other strangers.

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