Andoni Iraola prioritizes Rayo Vallecano’s signing of a new winger that the band shoots

The coach already knows that Fran García will not continue at the club next season, so he has requested the arrival of a new footballer to cover his position

Since before the end of last season, people have been talking about the future of Fran García. It is no secret that the footballer is Real Madrid’s favorite to occupy the left-back of the defense and it is also no secret that the player is looking forward to returning to the white team, where he was formed. That is why Iraolaknowing the situation, has asked the Vallecano Ray that closes a new signing.

The coach knows that the month of January is key to seizing market opportunities and that is what he wants the club to take advantage of. That is why he has put on the table the name of a footballer who is not going to continue at his current club. A footballer who is very liked by Iraolawho sees it in the long term in the Vallecano Ray as a replacement for Fran Garcia.

Iraola wants the club to cover its back with the signing of a new left-back

Rayo Vallecano is already working on Iraola’s request

As we have been able to know in the last hours, the departure of Fran Garcia It is taken for granted at the end of this season. Bayern Leverkusen has been the last team that has joined the bid for the player, being willing to pay his termination clause of 10 million euros. That is why at the moment the situation in the offices of the Vallecas club is uneasy.

The sports management knows that, just a few days before the transfer market closes, they could lose one of the fixtures in Iraola’s scheme. That is why they are working on the arrival of a new winger with a similar profile. A side that does not require a large financial outlay and that is acclimatized to the Santander League to be able to perform from the first moment.

The winger that Rayo Vallecano wants for Fran García

Either for this same month of January or for the summer market, the club is working on the arrival of Adrià Pedrosa. The RCD Espanyol footballer has not played a single game this season and has not reached an agreement with the parakeet club to renew his contract. A contract that ends next June, so at the moment he is free to negotiate with any team.

Many are the teams that have knocked on the player’s doors, including Betis. However, after the signing of Abner, those from Vallecas have been left alone. Likewise, Iraola’s confidence is a key factor that brings Pedrosa closer to Rayo Vallecano. Now all that remains is to wait and see how the future of the footballer is resolved, who will surely not continue at RCD Espanyol.

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