Anderson ends Bader’s rematch and meets Nemkov

The plan that was in everyone’s imagination was blown up at Bellator 268. Vadim Nemkov dethroned Ryan Bader before the light heavyweight Grand Prix began. If the champion wanted a rematch, he had to reach the final (each one went to one side of the table). This Saturday they both had the semifinals. Nemkov complied, with fright, but Bader left the possibility in less than a minute, which was the time it took for Corey Anderson to knock him out.. The former UFC wins the ticket for the Bellator belt fighter against a champion who showed that he also suffers.

Nemkov seemed impregnable. He went to the match undefeated at Bellator, but the guest at the last minute, Julius Anglickas (entered the tournament due to the loss of Anthony Johnson), almost gave the surprise. A half-flown right hand on the counterattack made the champion tremble. He came very close to being knocked out, but he showed stamina and intelligence. As soon as he could, he took the fight to the ground and recovered. He dominated and even ended up landing good shots. Fully recovered from the shock, Nemkov became Nemkov again. He measured time and with a projection he achieved a mastery of three and a half minutes. On the ground he was gaining ground and slaughtered Anglickas throughout the round. It was a clear 10-8 for the champion. In fact, without the horn, the lawsuit would have ended.

In the third round, Nemkov took the fight to the ground and again sought to damage with his fists and elbows. He also attempted submission with an arm bar, but Anglickas came out as a great pain collector. He resisted and took the fight to the fourth act. The same thing happened as before. Nemkov made him fly and went to work on the ground. He kept working, hitting and chasing a submission that in the end came with a brutal kimura that gave him the triumph. Another recital, this time with fright.

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Before it was the turn for the former champion, Ryan bader. If he wanted a new shot at the title, he had to beat Corey Anderson. He didn’t even have the option to almost fight her. At 30 seconds, in the first exchange, the ex-UFC hit him with a forehand fly to the back of the ear and sent him to the ground. He was touched and Anderson did not forgive. He went after him and did not stop until the referee stopped the actions (the official stop time was 51 seconds). In his fourth fight at Bellator he will have the option to be champion. Meanwhile, Bader has to think about defending the heavyweight belt and does so with the worst feelings: a victory in his last four fights.

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