Ander Herrera’s major challenge at Athletic de Valverde

Since the midfielder returned to San Mamés, he has had a slower adaptation compared to other teams. What hasn’t changed, however, is his eagerness to succeed with the elastic lioness.

Second consecutive year for midfielder Ander Herrera in the Athletic Clubwhere it is prepared with a more than clear objective. The one from Bilbao feels that his adaptation in the scheme of ernesto valverde It’s been a bit slow, but sure. But in the same way, she states that in her second year under the orders of Cáceres, her performance will be much better.

At 33 years of age, Herrera feels that he still has a lot of time left in the elite, but his level drops show otherwise. The 859 minutes that he accumulated last season are proof that the midfielder is not at his best. However, his peace of mind is intact, which means that in this new season he will go out to break it with the best attitude.

Ander Herrera athletic
The main reason why Herrera played so little at Athletic was the recurring injuries.

Ander Herrera’s main enemy on his return to Athletic

One of the most important reasons why the midfielder accumulated less than 1,000 minutes in all of last season, has its own name, injuries. There were around 5 important physical setbacks that the Basque had, which made him lose more than 15 games. We are talking about 40% of the total commitments in the league.

Besides, every time he returned to Valverde’s training, his adaptation would start from scratch, which never allowed him to be 100%. Ander Herrera hopes that in this new course, injuries will not become part of his daily life, and will allow him a comfortable adaptation. However, there is another very important factor to overcome, to win ownership in the Bilbao team.

One of Athletic’s recent signings is direct competition from Ander Herrera

The Biscayan midfielder will not only have to compete with his injuries to establish himself in the starting eleven of the Basque team. He will now have to fight head to head with one of the latest signings, who has started the preseason like a fireball. We are talking about Iñigo Ruiz de Galarreta, who has just had an excellent season at RCD Mallorca.

Although they can play at the same time, since the San Sebastian player has a more offensive profile, his natural position is the same as Ander Herrera’s. On the other hand, Valverde has more men for that position that comes from doing a good job last season. In short, the ex PSG will have to fight with 100% + 1 to earn the full confidence of the coach from Extremadura.

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