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And the bomb exploded: James Harden, transferred to the Sixers

Tras muchos rumores, James Harden abandona los Nets y llega a los Sixers a cambio de Ben Simmons. Daryl Morey consigue su ansiada pieza y... ¿oposita al anillo?

The market bomb explodes. The movement that everyone was waiting for becomes official. As Shams Charania (The Athletic) and Adrian Wojnarowski (ESPN) with just a few seconds difference, James Harden sets course for the Sixers thanks to the work and grace of Daryl Morey, the manager who has always wanted him on his team. In return, the Philadelphia franchise releases (finally) to Ben Simmons, who is accompanied by Seth Curry and several rounds of the draft.

This is how the two biggest skits of recent times end. That of Ben Simmons, inactive since the beginning of the season after being the scapegoat for the last elimination of the Sixers. The point guard arrives at a new destination to which he can apparently adapt perfectly (by background, form and style of play) and stops losing money (more than 19 million in fines) for refusing to play without being in any kind of Medical part. And Harden’s, of shorter duration, leaving the Nets through the back door, a new transfer forced by a player who was not happy with the Rockets a few months ago, nor was he now in Brooklyn.

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