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Ancelotti’s ‘déjá vu’

Ancelotti He has lived through everything in the world of football and there are never two situations exactly the same, but the Carletto bristling in the Coliseum (he was even admonished by Melero López) maybe he was like that because in a part of his psyche was revisiting one of the games that hurt him the most as a coach. It was that 2-1 at Mestalla on January 4, 2015. The defeat that cut the historic record of wins for the white team (22 consecutive) and started a plummeting from which the team failed to get out. The potential similarities with the current Madrid situation arise on their own …

Matrix Resurrections brings back to the present the recesses of the mind and it would not be surprising if Ancelotti experienced an annoying deja vu (the name by the way of the mascot of the Analyst, the last villain in the Wachowskis universe). An ‘I have already lived this’. Like then his Madrid closed December launched, now with fifteen games without falling until flying through the air after the holidays in the minefield planted by Quique Sánchez Flores.

That disastrous start to the year at Mestalla will never be forgotten by Ancelotti because it brought repercussions when replacing an untouchable. “Bale’s agent had complained because Gareth wanted to play in the middle. After changing him in Valencia, the president called me and told me what he was going to do and this was my answer:” Nothing. “I could not change the system in the middle of season. Since then, the relationship with the president has never been the same“, revealed Ancelotti himself in his book Quiet Leadership: Winning Hearts, Minds, and Matches.

Real Madrid withdraws from the Coliseum after finishing the game against Getafe.

The divorce between Florentino and Carletto he ended up in dismissal at the end of the season, although it gave way over the years to a new “honeymoon” between both parties, as the coach says. This time, at least, no star’s ego haunts him. Hazard is beginning to come back but his substitutions, like Getafe’s, are not questioned internally.

The neuralizer and the notice

Ancelotti he left angry de Getafe (“In this game we were still on vacation”) but the ability to erase this defeat from the collective memory almost as if he were using the ‘neuralizer’ of Men in Black He has it in his hand and twice. Alcoyano this week for fix last year’s disaster in Alcoy and the next, the Spanish Super Cup, with El Clásico against Xavi in ​​the semifinals. The notice, in the form of a lived past, already has it.

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