Ancelotti: “We met a challenge”

Win with Madrid: “It’s special to be the coach of Madrid. I still can’t believe it. Madrid has something special, the weight of the shirt and not only for the players. Little by little we are all Real Madrid fans and that counts on the pitch. I have a contract until 2024”.

The first to win four Champions: “Because it can not be”.

Emotion: “A lot of emotion. We have met a challenge. The season has been spectacular. A lot of regularity. Consistent. I have to thank the players for their work and their attitude. Today we have to celebrate, not talk. I want to celebrate”.

Win in the five big leagues: “It fills me with pride. I can say that I like what I do. It means that I have done quite well. I am proud. I want to continue winning titles with Real Madrid”.

What does it say to the players: “Congratulations, see you on Wednesday. I tell the fans, on Wednesday we need this atmosphere.”

sensations: “It’s a success for everyone. The players have done very well, they’ve had a lot of commitment. We’ve failed a few games. We’ve done very well. I’m very happy.”

keys: “The breaks. In the first break we lost to Espanyol and Sheriff and then we got many wins in a row, like against Barça. Then, after losing to Barcelona we won a lot, a very difficult game against Celta”.

Message to the team: “I’m very proud. It’s still a long career. I enjoy it, especially because I’m at Madrid and that’s something special. The atmosphere at the Bernabéu is something special”.

fear in the cloak: “I told Marcelo: ‘Another, another, another’. I really liked being in the air.”

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Celebration: “The celebration is good in the mental aspect. We are professionals. Tonight we all celebrate together. Tomorrow we train and on Wednesday we have another important game. If someone cuts a foot or a leg during the celebration… That doesn’t happen”

Feeling: “Thank the club and the president for bringing me when I didn’t expect it, I didn’t believe it, really. Here you have to be in a hurry to celebrate (laughs).”

Are you getting excited?: “I get emotional because of genetics. My father, my grandfather did. It means that I am very happy.”

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