Ancelotti: “We apologize; Today the team has not played”

Madrid resigned in style. Of the minimum option that he still had to raise the League. Montilivi was the end point… and ancelotti He appeared before the media with a face of circumstances. Hard and sincere: “We were not forceful and when we tried to come back, it was individually, not as a team. Because today the team has not played”. About the change of Nachowanted to make it clear that he had no intention of ‘pointing it out’: “It is true that he has not been at his level, but like everyone in general. The only thing she wanted was different characteristics (Camavinga)”. He only saved Vinicius from burning: “He has played well; goal and assist.

Ancelotti, before the match against Girona.
Ancelotti, before the match against Girona.RODOLFO MOLINADiaryAS

Press conference

Is it one of your toughest nights as Madrid coach?

“It’s tough, because when you lose it has to be. The game has been bad in defense and that has been the key. Because we did well with the ball, especially at the beginning, but we weren’t forceful in duels, they caught us on two counters… and from there, everything became more difficult. We try to come back individually, not as a team. Because today the team has not played. The individual level was also below normal, but not just for some, but in general. It’s been very low.”

What did you think of Vinicius’ match? He has been seen very turned on…

“The team was nervous from the beginning. We lost control. And in the second part, when it seemed that the rest could help us… the third just arrived. Regarding Vinicius, he has played well, with goals and assists. But the equipment was not connected and we paid for it”.

Can you explain Nacho’s change? From the outside it has given a certain feeling of ‘signaled’…

“Well, it was not to point it out, at all. It has been to get Camavinga, who has different characteristics, more drive. I have nothing to reproach him for. It is true that he has not been at his level, but like everyone in general ”.

Vinicius has nine yellow cards…

“There are too many, I have already said it several times.”

Understand the question: Can this defeat be good for the team? As a wake up call…

“If it can be. Although a loss is never good. I reiterate the importance of defensive commitment: if we have it, we will always win and if not, it will cost us. It is the key, our key. And today we didn’t have it. Of the last seven games, six clean sheets. And in this, four goals. I hope my players have understood. If not, I will repeat it to you every day.”

What is said to the madridista?

“That I understand that you are hurt, we apologize. So are we. But the fans know that we will be fine both in the Cup final and in the semifinal (Manchester City)”.

Ancelotti, on Montilivi's bench.
Ancelotti, on Montilivi’s bench.David BorratEFE

mixed zone

How do you explain what happened?

“It is difficult and at the same time, easy: we were not forceful and there was a lack of commitment. With the ball we started well, but without it, we allowed too many transitions”.

There were many defensive failures… what happened?

“Is incredible. The team was on a good defensive run… but we conceded due to a lack of forcefulness. Every time they started from behind, they made uncontrolled transitions. And in a minute in the second part, they have cut our legs. We are very hurt. But we have to get up: everything is still at stake.

How do you rate Vinicius’ match?

“The team was very nervous in the first part. And it affected us. We try to solve it individually, but you have to do it as a team. Sometimes quality is not enough.

He said that the difference of 11 points with Barça was not real. Do you keep it?

“It is more difficult to say today, but this game does not represent Madrid. We apologize; we must look ahead.”

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