Ancelotti warms the atmosphere of Real Madrid after knowing his future

The Italian coach lost the team in January, having lost the Spanish Super Cup against FC Barcelona and distancing himself significantly from his greatest rival in the Santander League

The coach who won the tenth and fourteenth could live a second stage very similar to the first. After having been proclaimed champion in the Champions League, ancelotti He lived a very complicated second season in the Real Madrid. Now the situation seems to be repeating itself and the club is willing to make the same decisions that they made at that time.

Despite the fact that for the moment the team has continued in the same wake as in 2015, the club is not considering firing the coach. A catastrophe in the second half of the championship would have to happen for this to happen. But everything will change at the end of the season. And it is that at the moment everything indicates that ancelotti will put an end to his adventure in the summer Real Madrid.

Ancelotti is experiencing a second season modeled on 2014/2015

Ancelotti, with the hours counted at Real Madrid

After having won the tenth in Lisbon, the team fell apart the following season. Rafa Benítez was chosen by the club to take his place, but his time as white coach was a complete disaster. It was then that Zinedine Zidane arrived on the bench of the Santiago Bernabéu and the rest of the story is well known to all.

Now, the club wants to avoid the mistake of hiring another proven manager and they are determined to bet on a club legend. A legend who has not stopped growing in recent years and who clearly identifies with the values ​​that Real Madrid wants to convey. Of course, for his arrival to the first team to occur before they must say goodbye to Ancelotti.

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Real Madrid secures the bench for a home coach

In recent months much has been said about a final stage of Ancelotti as coach of the Brazilian national team. This could take place next summer, when his stage in the Real Madrid come to an end. In the white team they are already prepared and they know that there is no one better to reach the bench than Raúl González Blanco, the absolute idol of the club.

The historic ‘7’ of Real Madrid would be chosen to replace Ancelotti, because during his time in the subsidiary he has done plenty of merit to enjoy this opportunity. Some merits that are not only sporting, but also at the level of wardrobe management and egos. Something that, as the last coaches of the merengue team have shown, is of vital importance with a squad full of stars.

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