Ancelotti: “The teammates are helping Bellingham a lot”

Carlo Ancelotti He reached the bowels of AT&T Stadium on time. Half an hour before Real Madrid’s last training session began on the Texan grass. Carletto He analyzed Real Madrid’s preseason, left the squad closed and insisted that the team doesn’t need any further touch-ups. Does it bother you that they ask you about Mbappé? “It doesn’t bother me, I just don’t answer”answered.

What Real Madrid would you like to see tomorrow?

We have done good things, we are working on this. All the games are important to get the machine ready. We want to continue.

After what Xavi said after Arsenal, will Real Madrid put a lot of intensity into tomorrow’s game?

He will try to play the best match possible. Taking into account that we are in preseason. He is a very strong rival who has a lot of quality. It is what we want to do. The result is the least important. It will be a very demanding test.

Did Jude Bellingham’s quick adaptation surprise you? Does he look like Zidane?

Each one has its characteristics. The playmaker from 20 years ago was different. He did not have the arrival that he has now. The modern has physical strength to move quickly and to reach the area. He is a very complete midfielder. He is adjusting very well. The colleagues are helping him a lot.

Does it bother you that we ask you about Mbappé?

No. The only thing I don’t answer. I think we have done well. We have to have continuity. It is early to judge what we are going to do. In addition to the good you can do in the preseason, there is a season ahead that we need to put commitment and attitude in each game.

What did you think of the fans and a Champions League final in the US?

Those of us here are in a fantastic environment. He football It has many sports rivals. Like in the NFL, the NBA. There are many sports and they show it to us when we leave the hotel. We are delighted. A Champions League final can happen here. Stadiums are fantastic, why not?

Do you think the team has a goal?

Yes, it’s enough. We are full. The new ones, Brahim, Joselu… They can contribute in the offensive aspect to score goals.

What did you think of AT&T Stadium?

The stadium is fantastic, in a fantastic atmosphere. With good weather. It’s good for us to play in a game like this. The grass is not spectacular, but you can play a good game. It moves well. There is no rebound. If we don’t play well, it’s not because of the grass.

How many casualties does the team have for tomorrow?

None, just Arda. He will train a little more than yesterday. She had good feelings and today she is going to increase the intensity.

Is Camavinga this season more interior than pivot?

Could be. He can also play on the left side. I wanted to see more of Tchouameni in this position. He has made two parts of the match at a very high level. The position is very well covered with Kroos, Tchouameni and Camavinga.

Do you consider switching positions to Bellingham?

I know that he can play in another position. In a 4-3-3 he can play inside, right or left. There we will play with Joselu as a striker. It can adapt well.

Does the team change according to the lineup that it puts in the fray?

I think it depends on the characteristics of the field, we can push higher or wait a little longer if we have Modric and Kroos together. Bellingham helps us a lot to push up.

Do you think that it is positive for football that Arabia is competing with Madrid for a player?

I believe that football, like the world, is globalizing. The Arab league will improve, as will the MLS with Messi. European football is more competitive, but in the future they can be equalized.

How do you plan the season tactically?

The fact of having the two forwards more inside than outside, we enjoy some more advanced full-backs. But the arrangement of the diamond is to try a game that is a little more filtered with a pass inside and a direct attack.

Do you miss Benzema?

I have fantastic memories of Benzema. Especially for what he has done for me. He gave us the chance to win another Champions League, thanks to his efforts. But Madrid has continued without Cristiano, without Bale… It will continue without Benzema. That’s why we have fans all over the world. I hope they can enjoy.

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