Ancelotti the primer to Bellingham before starting: severe corrective

To date, the Madridista team has closed 3 luxury signings, the English midfielder being the best not only in LaLiga Santander but in all of Europe. For this reason, the coach has interrupted his holidays to go molding the British pearl.

With Joselu Mato and Fran García, the English midfielder Jude Bellingham will come to the discipline of real MadridDon Ancelotti is already looking forward to it. The Italian coach will lead the merengue squad for the remaining year, and in his farewell season he wants to leave the name of the Madridista team at the top again.

The transalpine coach knows full well that Bellingham will be his best signing not only in midfield, but in the entire squad. (Unless they manage to close the hiring of Kylian Mbappé), something really difficult. For said reason, Carletto wants the English player to adapt as soon as possible to the Spanish league. But also, he warns him that football in Spain is quite different from that in Germany.

Ancelotti Bellingham
Jude Bellingham received 11 yellow cards last season, quite a high number in LaLiga Santander.

Ancelotti asks Bellingham for more prudence with the Real Madrid elastic

In the few telephone conversations that the Italian coach and the British midfielder have had, they have talked about the notable difference that there is between LaLiga Santander and the Bundesliga. In the latter, the game is faster but more rugged, with more permissive referees. However, in our country’s league, the referees punish any action that illegally cuts the game.

As lenient as judges in the German league could be, Bellingham received a total of 11 yellow cards throughout the season. A quite normal number in the Bundesliga, but very unusual in LaLiga Santander. Basically what Ancelotti is asking for is that the 19-year-old midfielder be more prudent when it comes to playing for the ball.

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It is useless for Bellingham to be the brand new Real Madrid hire if he will miss several games due to suspension

The importance for the 19-year-old footballer to understand that he must change his way of attacking and recovering balls is so great that the Madridista coach is not interested in interrupting his vacation. Both Carletto and Florentino Pérez understand the magnitude that the signing of the English midfielder represents. That is why they want to take advantage of all the opportunities they have to include him in the starting squad.

It is useless for Jude Bellingham to be a carat hire, if he is going to see the yellow card every so often, and possibly the red one. This is a transition that Ancelotti will have to make very calmly but also with patience. For now, players, coaching staff and managers are enjoying rest days, and the preseason will begin on July 9.

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