Ancelotti pulls contacts to place a triple discard for Real Madrid

The Italian coach is clearing the way for his new signings, giving way to others

The coach of the Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti, it is already very clear which are the signings you want on your team, but you also have knowledge of what your triple is discard. And it is that the transalpine coach knows that in order to receive new players, he must get rid of others. He and his sports director are in it.

Carletto has taken advantage of his contacts in Serie A, more precisely in the Fiorentina, where he has managed to gain the interest of Vincenzo Italian. The manager of the viola squad has been interested in two more players from the merengue squad, which are precisely the discards of Madrid. Remember that right now they have the transfer of Álvaro Odriozola, and they are thinking of executing their purchase option.

Ancelotti discard
Luka Jovic is one of the three discarded Real Madrid, heading to Fiorentina.

The first of Ancelotti’s triple dismissal is already at Fiorentina, the other two are missing

Right-back Álvaro Odriozola had the opportunity to return to Real Sociedad after he was notified that he was not part of Ancelotti’s plans. However, he opted for the Italian team where he is showing a good level. The viola club is satisfied with the work shown by the lane so far, and it is most likely that they will execute their purchase option at the end of the season.

Now the job is to place the two remaining discards on Vincenzo Italiano’s squad. The two play in the same position, center forward, and one of them will come to replace the absence of Dusan Vlahovic. Who better than his compatriot Luka Jovic, the misunderstood striker of Real Madrid who has not been able to shine with the elastic merengue.

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The other of the triple dismissal of Ancelotti is already in Serie A and Madrid is working on the operation

The last of the discards of the Italian coach who will reach the Viola squad, is also under assignment in another of the Serie A teams. We are talking about Borja Mayoral, who plays for AS Roma. The player does not count for Mourinho, and he himself would have asked for his departure from the Roman squad. The complicated thing for the striker is that they don’t need him at Real either, so he wouldn’t look down on landing at La Fiore.

In this way, the Madrid club hopes to finalize these three operations and thus obtain a good figure that will be invested in Ancelotti’s transfer plan. As for Jovic, it is an opportunity to free the offensive parcel of a vacancy, set aside for Kylian Mbbapé or for the Norwegian Erling Haaland. Time will tell us which of the two arrives at the Santiago Bernabéu.

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