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Ancelotti prevented the departure of Marco Asensio

Everyone is hallucinating with the three goals that Marco Asensio scored in this last league match against Mallorca, but the truth is that the only one who has not been hallucinated is Carlo Ancelotti since he knew perfectly well that if he put it in a more focused position would improve his performance in an incredible way at Real Madrid, the Italian was not wrong. The Balearic footballer has been used to playing in the band with Zinedine Zidane and the truth is that he was not showing his best version, in fact, there were voices in the club that began to value his departure.

According to the newspaper ACE, the merengue club positively valued the departure of the Mallorcan footballer in the next winter market, by way of assignment, so that he would not stagnate and could have minutes between now and the end of the season, but Carlo Ancelotti stepped out and did not agree to part of his services as he considers him a very profitable player and one who can give a lot of happiness to Real Madrid this season.

His agent confirmed that the intention was to find a way out

Horacio Gaggioli, agent of Marco Asensio, confirmed in ‘El Larguero’ of SER string, who were looking for a way out for him in the next month of January since things could not continue as they were doing in recent years in the Real Madrid, that is to say, accumulating a few minutes and playing out of his natural position, “We have received the interest of several clubs that assured Marco to play as ’10’ to try to recover his best version. But Ancelotti made it clear that he trusted him and he did not value his departure, before this we had to stop looking for a team. This was only four days ago. Ancelotti was the one who stopped his departure. Madrid was willing to let him leave as a loan for his good. ”


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