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Ancelotti plants Brazil: the Canarinha already has 2 candidates

A move to the Rio team would not have been considered by the Italian coach’s entourage.

Carlo Ancelotti’s move to the Brazilian national team has not yet been fully clarified. And the “Verdeamarelha” has reached its lowest point, suffering another defeat, this time against Argentina, which has turned all eyes on the Real Madrid coach. Some time ago there were talks about hiring Transalpine, but this has not been confirmed.

Let’s remember this Ancelotti is a coach who greatly respects the style of Brazilian football. He also really likes the style of the players from this country, which he has been able to develop throughout his career as a coach. For this reason and more, the Brazilian Football Federation has set its sights on his path.

Ancelotti Real Madrid
The Italian coach has not defined his arrival in Brazil

From Brazil they are still in limbo due to the results crisis and the non-officialization of Carlo Ancelotti

It is therefore clear that the Italian’s move to the South American team will not be that easy. Even in the recent information expanded in El Gol Digital, It has been assured that Florentino Pérez’s intention is to extend the coaching position for at least another year. This to wait for Xabi Alonso.

In this order of ideas, from the “Canarinha” they have no other option than to look for alternatives and they have two names in the pipeline. If Carlo Ancelotti’s arrival fails, Brazil will not stand idly by and they must leave a successor for the work that Fernando Diniz did.

The Brazilian team lost to Colombia and Argentina, which raised alarm: they are looking for a coach

Therefore, the young and talented Portuguese is the first player that the Cariocas target for their bench in the crisis Abel Ferreira. At 44, he is one of the best in the world and has shown his development at Palmeiras. His career is quite interesting and after several seasons in this country he can make the jump.

Also, From Brazil they are considering the arrival of Dorival Júnior. Currently in Sao Paulo, he has regained the style of the São Paulo club where he left the best feelings. Despite all the progress he has shown, he could be one of the strong options if an unexpected fate befalls Ancelotti.

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