Ancelotti makes public the first signing of Real Madrid 2024: the great mole of Florentino Pérez

Although the news had already leaked weeks ago, the white president wanted to keep it a secret, but his coach went ahead and dropped the bomb that everyone is talking about in LaLiga.

Real Madrid returned to victory after two consecutive defeats (1 in LaLiga and the other in the Champions League) and Carlos Ancelotti celebrated it in a particular way. For reasons of pride, the merengue club He does not want to let second place win, and even less so from Atlético, who has been besieging him for several days. That is why the joy of Italian technicianwho spilled his tongue at the press conference.

Florentino Pérez is a very calculating and sometimes opportune man when it comes to transfers. The white president likes to announce his new players by his own mouth and not by others, even if it is his coach. For this reason, the gesture that Ancelotti made at the press conference after Real Madrid – Rayo Vallecano was not liked.

Ancelotti Real Madrid
It is already 100% certain that Fran García will return to Real Madrid. It was confirmed by Carlo Ancelotti himself.

The return of Fran García to Real Madrid is no longer a hallway gossip, Ancelotti confirms it

After the 2-1 victory against the Rayista team, the transalpine coach wanted to take advantage of the fact that his next signing for the left side played in front of him. We are talking about the Ciudad Real player, Fran García, who was formed in the minor divisions of the Madridista team. And it is that once again the 23-year-old boy showed why he is one of the best footballers in the franjirroja squad.

Ancelotti had words of admiration for him, and it is understandable, but what he said at the end was a bomb. “Fran García is a left-back who has a lot of energy, very fast with the ball, and attacks very well. He is a very good profile for Real Madrid and next year he will be with us.” sentenced the Italian coach.

Fran García leaves Rayo through the front door, and arrives at Real Madrid in the same way

What Fran García is today is mainly due to Real Madrid, since it was at Castilla where he took off as one of the best full-backs in Spain. But if the Castilian-Manchego player was back on the white agenda to reinforce the first team, it is because the work that Rayo Vallecano did with him was impeccable and very outstanding.

It is not for nothing that the 23-year-old left-back is the most valuable player in the Rayista squad, sharing the label with Isi Palazón and Sergio Camello. In addition to the merengue club, many teams also had the winger on their agenda for this year’s summer market. In the franjirrojo box they will remember him for his great performance, and they hope that one day he will return to Vallecas.

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