Carlo Ancelotti spoke into the microphones of TVE after winning the 14th Champions of the real Madrid.

Analysis: “I think we came out of a difficult game. We suffered a bit in the first half. The compromise was perfect. Very happy.”

Approach: “What we have done very well is that we have not given them a vertical game. They have done very well at the back. They have had opportunities. It was the plan and it has gone well”.

Have you seen any goalkeeper make saves like Courtois’s?: “Yes, I’ve seen him again. De Courtois. He’s had a fantastic season. ‘ci, c’est Real Madrid, period.”

The technician has passed minutes later by Real MadridTV.

Success: “We have achieved something that no one expected at first. We are happy.”

Did you trust to win?: “I had confidence. I know these players very well in these games. Confidence.”

Game: “We wanted to have a vertical game and we lowered the block a bit. It was our plan.”

Celebration: “I don’t know, we celebrate it.”

Ancelotti He then went to the press room to respond to all the journalists.

If it is the most difficult Champions. “Yes, the most difficult. It helped us that no one thought we could win it. We created a good atmosphere. We deserved it. We suffered a lot, but we never gave up. We managed the game well, the key was not to give them depth to their forward. Liverpool have been a great rival. It’s easier to win the Champions League with Madrid than with another team. Happiness is more because I’ve returned to Madrid. I’ll never stop being grateful for being here”.

what is left with. “With the good atmosphere, it’s spectacular. It’s difficult, sometimes there’s an ego in the locker room, there are some who can’t stand not playing. It’s easy to train this team. I haven’t seen any nerves in them even though the game was delayed, the I was more nervous. I went to my room so they wouldn’t see me.”

He was not a favorite in any of the qualifiers. “Courtois told him, he can confirm it, I’ll take you.”

Vinicius. “He is more successful in front of the goal because he takes more time, he is colder. That has come from playing one more year, being by Benzema’s side. He has put the icing on the cake, his season is fantastic and it is the best way to finish it.”

Now what. “Go on vacation and then prepare for the next season.”

Florentine’s call. “I wasn’t expecting it last year. I had called Madrid for other things, and when I started talking they told me if I wanted to come back and I told them of course, that you can’t say no to Real Madrid. Everton wasn’t happy, but today something else because we beat the rival”.


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