Home Sports Ancelotti: “I have given Vinicius one more day to rest”

Ancelotti: “I have given Vinicius one more day to rest”

Ancelotti: "He dado un día más a Vinicius para que descanse"

“If Benzema plays, it will be because there is no risk”

Carlo Ancelotti appeared before the media and clarified that with Benzema there are good feelings: “On Sunday or Monday he will train with the group and we will make the decision. The first thing is the player’s health, I’ve always said that. If he plays, it will be because there is not a single risk. We will evaluate it well, there are still four days left.”

The Italian also confirmed Mendy’s discharge for Ceramics: “Yes it should be for Tuesday”. And he wanted to dispel any feeling that the team could travel to Vila-Real with their minds in Paris: “The most important game is tomorrow, we haven’t even talked about Tuesday yet. LaLiga is being very competitive and I will put the best team possible”.

In addition, he broke a spear in favor of bale saying that “I have seen him for the last 15 days with intensity. He is ready to play and when he puts him on, he will fulfill“, confirmed that Jovic is “much better” after his discharge by Covid and defended Isco alleging that “logically he has gone through moments of lower motivationbecause he has had fewer minutes, but he is training well”.

Finally, he pointed out that he has given an extra day of rest to Vinicius for him to recover after a very hard month of January, and he has indicated that he sees him “prepared to be the same as we saw recently”.

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