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Ancelotti, failed experiment

The 65th minute of Real Madrid-Sheriff passed with an unexpected 1-1 on the scoreboard and Carlo Ancelotti, as if it were a poker tournament, took a All In on the table. A quadruple change (Modric, Kroos, Rodrygo and Jovic) that ended with Fede Valverde on the right wing and Camavinga on the left back. A Madrid that voluntarily fractured in two to go almost desperately for the second goal and that he finally saw it but in the goal of Courtois. An experiment by Ancelotti, who has been very daring with the blackboard, which ended up exploding in his hands …

Although Carletto himself said in the previous one that he will always defend his proposals (“Although I have never been wrong I will never officially admit it,” I assure laughing), when he had to explain that decision to change almost half of the field players, he wanted to justify your choice. “Camavinga can play there because he has done it many times in the past when he was young“Ancelotti assured the media.” Valverde has pushed a lot on the side. I have switched to the two mediums to add more freshness. The party was controlled. We have lost the game because we have had bad luck in details that have cost us. A badly adjusted throw-in and a cross that we needed to cover at the far post … “.

With the quadruple change, Madrid went on to be split in a 4-2-4.

Be that as it may, the 4-4-2 with which Madrid started ended up being a desperate 4-2-4 that lowered the white possession (from 70% to 65%) and the Sheriff took advantage of it immediately. In fact, the Transnistrian team went from living reclining in the great night of their goalkeeper Athanasiadis (they even stopped making fouls, only three in the second half for nine in the first half) to returning to peek into the white area. First with a goal by Bruno annulled for offside (minute 71 ‘) that It was a warning of what was coming and finally for that spectacular 1-2 of Thill.

The Real Madrid players, flustered after the Sheriff’s 1-2.

Nervous and admonished

A failed experiment on a night in which the Italian looked nervous. Three minutes before the quadruple substitution, he received a yellow from Belgian referee Lawrence Vesser for protesting. ostensibly asking Addo for the second yellow for the penalty to Vinicius. A match that will cost you to forget Carletto and in which his initial ideas did not work either. He changed the 4-3-3 for a 4-4-2 again to bring Hazard closer to the area but the Belgian is still denied. Nacho’s presence as a right-back with Valverde in front of him was also surprising, while Lucas Vázquez watched everything from the bench. Not even when Madrid came to press, the Italian looked at the Galician youth squad despite being, as he himself admitted precisely in the previous meeting, his best option “when you have to push.” The pending subject of two, far from being solved, it gets worse at times.

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