Ancelotti and Modric’s injury: “We are hurt, he is irreplaceable”

with anger for Girona in memory (“this is not Real Madrid”), ancelotti spoke to the media. “I don’t understand things like this happen. But the changing room has understood it and tomorrow will be different”, he assured, noting that the motivation for what remains remains intact. The injury of Modricthe great setback of the morning, made a face at him: “We are hurt. I don’t know if he will reach the Cup final. We must evaluate him, but he is irreplaceable.” About Viniciusdid not hide his concern that one day something will happen to him and gave the calendar a new slap on the wrist: “I see many coaches complaining.”

Ancelotti, in training.
Ancelotti, in training.JP GANDULEFE

Press conference

What are the main dangers of Almería?

“These are teams that play a lot… and demand a lot. For us, even more, because the version in Girona was not good and we have the opportunity to show the best”.

Are you afraid that a tackle will end up injuring Vinicius?

“We have that concern, it is quite normal. He tries 1 vs 1, he dribbles… and the only way to preserve this type of player, not only Vinicius, is justice. Only with it can you prevent something bad from happening.”

How are you Modric?

“He has had a small injury and is awaiting evolution. I don’t know if he will make it to the Cup final, we have to evaluate him. We are hurt, but they are things that can happen. I hope he recovers”.

Luka Modric, with ice on his left leg after being replaced by Ancelotti in the Girona-Real Madrid match in Montilivi.
Modric, with ice in Montilivi.TV Capture | Movistar+ LaLiga TV

“Defensive commitment is the key,” he said in Girona. How has the reception team been?

“The analysis has been good and we know that we did not do well there. It’s time to concentrate more. The changing room has understood it and tomorrow will be different”.

How are you, personally?

“I’m fine. I am an optimist and I see a good atmosphere, motivation. It is true that sometimes things happen that I don’t understand, like Girona, but we must continue with confidence. I see the group well. What happened last year was unforgettable and we want to repeat it”.

Why does the team have this “defensive commitment” in the Champions League and not in the League?

“I don’t know, it’s a matter of concentration and I even consider it normal that one is not always at the top. Why it’s not possible. The calendar is very demanding and I see many coaches complaining about it. We are human and look, I can’t prepare all the games in the same way either. Sometimes you concentrate better and other times worse. It happens to everyone: good days and worse.”

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Is there a thorn in not having fought more for the League?

“It is something that you can think about, yes. We have not had continuity, we have been strong… and with that limitation, badly. But now is not the time to look back. Much remains at stake. A lot”.

Does it seem fair to you that your future depends on winning the Champions League?

“That is not like that. My future is already written: until 2024. After that, I don’t know”.

“My future is written: until 2024. After that, I don’t know”


There will be three days between the Cup final and City… how do you prepare something like this?

“After the final we will sleep in Seville, so as not to arrive at 3-4 in the morning… and on Sunday we will return and on Monday, to prepare for the Champions League. It is what it is. It’s planned.”

In the event that Modric does not arrive at La Cartuja… what is the most similar alternative?

“By characteristics, Ceballos. But in general we have many resources: Camavinga, Tchouameni… many tools to replace it. Although he is an irreplaceable player due to his experience in these matches”.

Tomorrow will be his match 1,279: have you seen a player who has suffered as much as Vinicius?

“On the one hand there is what happens inside the field and on the other, outside. Outside, bad for society, still with racism… a modern society cannot be like that. And inside, the truth is that the players kick him a lot, it’s obvious. They also gave Maradona or Pelé a lot, unfortunately. Lucky for us that Vinicius has a strong physique and is capable of holding out.”

“It is evident that Vinicius gets kicked a lot. Lucky that he has a strong physique and is able to hold on ”


Are you following Haaland? Would you like to train him?

“We are not thinking about the semifinal yet. We think about having a good game tomorrow, nothing more. City have a great team and that’s no secret, with very strong players. We already faced them last year and what I can say is that we are going to enjoy that match”.

Is it more difficult to replace Militao or Modric?

“I don’t know, but we will probably have to replace both of them in the first leg of the Champions League. Militao, sure (sanctioned); I hope Modric doesn’t…”.

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