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Ancelotti agrees with the high command the relief of Nacho

Apparently the One Club Man Madridista until now will play his last season in the team of his loves, since the Italian coach will continue on the bench beyond 2024, and from now on he signals to the player that he is leaving.

Nacho stayed in the real Madrid based on some conditions that they agreed with Florentino Pérez, but the last thing that has been known is that Carlo Ancelotti already has his relief. This will arrive from the summer of 2024, and it treats of a canterano merengue of good level. He now himself he is playing in the Alaves on loan, then a more than fantastic season at Castilla.

What Ancelotti has asked the Madridista president is that they are not going to sell the player, in this case to the albiazul team. Technically the Italian wants him back for the 2024-25 season. But that is where an important question comes in. Will the transalpine coach not go to Brazil to be the new coach?

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Raúl González (Castilla coach) sees Rafa Marín in the main team very soon.

The player who has asked Ancelotti to say goodbye to Nacho

Despite the fact that he started in the lower ranks of Sevilla FC, he arrived at the merengue institution when he was barely 14 years old. Born in Guadajoz, Andalusia, Rafa Marín is the next central defender that the transalpine coach will have. His process began in the Grassroots Soccer of Real Madrid, and went through the different divisions (Youth C, B, A) until reaching Castilla.

Raúl González has given excellent references, and he does not doubt that one day he will come to occupy the position of great stars such as Sergio Ramos, Fernando Hierro, Goyo Benito, Raphael Varane, Pepe, and other more recent ones such as: Rudiger, Alaba or Eder Militao. Right now he is under the command of Luis García, who has no excuses for not placing him in his starting eleven.

Ancelotti clarifies that his move to Canarinha is not safe and Nacho worries

What the Brazilian press took for granted a few months ago has been denied by Carletto himself. The current coach of the white club has not said it with direct words, but he hinted that there is a possibility that he will stay another year in Chamartín. We already know that the only way is by conquering the Champions League number 15.

The other indications that reveal Ancelotti’s true plans for his stay at Real Madrid are the signing of Rafa Marín as Nacho’s replacement. The latter knows that if the Italian continues in command, his story in the White House will be over. So Florentino will be the one with the last word, but he won’t be able to do anything if Carletto wins the Champions League.

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