Anant Jalil forgot to eat cake while fasting

Actor Anant Jalil forgets to eat cake while fasting. Later, when he understood, he quickly threw the cake from his mouth.

Today Monday is the birthday of this actor. For this, he organized a cake cutting ceremony at his residence on Iqbal Road in Mohammadpur. The actor cut the cake with producer Iqbal and his two sons.

After the cake cutting ceremony, Iqbal gave the cake to Anant Jalil. When Anant Jalil started eating with the cake in his mouth, some people from the front started shouting Vai, Roza, Roza… Then Anant Jalil threw the cake from his mouth and sat down.

Talking to reporters later, Anant said, ‘Today is my birthday. It’s my special day. Devotees from far and wide have come to meet me, I am grateful for that.’

Anant Jalil said in response to the question whether he watches movies as an actor himself, I have been watching movies since I learned to understand. So I don’t miss watching movies. Ever since I came to the movie line, I watch more.’

Kill Him movie starring Anant Jalil and Varsha is releasing this Eid.

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