An unconsciousness sinks Sainz and another feeds Alonso

Emotional grill, thunderous anthem, Brad Pitt, 440,000 souls throughout the weekend. Formula 1 already giant in the United States. Perhaps it is more difficult for a twenty-something to contain testosterone in these circumstances and not try to become the hero of a Sunday afternoon. Be that as it may, Russell ended Sainz’s hopes of victory in a curve, one. The Madrid native did not start perfectly, Verstappen had overtaken him at the entrance of the first corner (a fairly common circumstance at the exit of this circuit, the second usually passes the first), but he had the outside and had to leave with more speed towards the first sector, at least to defend with solvency of the Mercedes. He traced Carlos on the outside, but George saw the inside and went for one of those PlayStation stops.

But this is Formula 1, real life, and extreme crashes don’t end with a restart. So the Mercedes collided with the Ferrari and the damage it caused, a water leak in the F1-75, forced Sainz to abandon the first lap, even though he was already last. Hurtful painful end to a promising grand prix in Austin, in one of his best weekends of the season. It is clear that the 2022 of the Spaniard will not be remembered for the excess of fortune at key moments. An empty consolation: perhaps all the bad luck will be concentrated in this gray year.

The race continued. Verstappen walked off closely followed by Hamilton, the group stretched out. First stops advanced due to degradation. Those who waited a bit benefited from Bottas’s accident, which forced the safety car out on lap 20. He re-engaged Alonso, for example, also a solid Vettel (he would finish eighth), but above all he gave Leclerc hope again .

Results F1 Austin 22.


Results F1 Austin 22.Formula 1

Alonso and Stroll, very dangerous

The second cafrada of the day took place at the exit. Alonso attacked Stroll on the back straight (the Aston Martins flew at times) and the Canadian, his future partner, decided to defend himself with half a straight ahead and turn left when the Alpine was already overtaking him. The slipstream was the spark, Fernando rode on top of the green car and completed several tens of meters with only two wheels on the asphalt. Stroll took the brunt of the blow, clearly leaving because of the damage (and his own); and Alonso went against the guardrail on the other side. Surprisingly, very surprisingly, the Alpine withstood the damage and only required a wing change to continue.

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From there, show of two legends and victory of the usual. Hamilton’s show, which pressed Verstappen to exhaustion, forced the ‘undercut’, caused an error unusual for Red Bull with a ‘pit-stop’ of 11 seconds and was the leader until the last laps. Verstappen caught up with him, overtook him Wild West (with yellow card included) to sign the 13th victory of the year ahead of his eternal rival and a happy Leclerc. The stands went into a trance with the battles, the race lived up to expectations. Pérez and Russell (with a five-second penalty) completed the top-5. The other giant who justified the price of the tickets was Alonso, with a comeback from the bottom of the pack to seventh place (he lost sixth against Lando on the last lap. He overtook basically everything that was out there to achieve one of his best results of the year the day he bordered on an accident that could have been extremely dangerous.Five hours after the race he received a 30-second penalty for riding without a rear-view mirror and finished 15th, with no points.Unfair award after a feat.

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