An original sealed iPhone sold for more than you think

Everyone knows how important the iPhone was to the mobile phone industry, so it goes without saying that the original model has become a highly desired collector’s item.

As a result, many people are willing to spend a lot of money on an original iPhone in good condition and this auction is living proof in this regard.

A stranger from the Internet accepted paying over $35,000 for an original, sealed, unopened iPhone, released in 2007.

The box image does not show the iTunes Store icon on the iPhone home screen and this is a sign that this particular unit was among the first batches produced by Apple.

The iTunes Store app was released after the release of the iPhone, and the device shipped with it preloaded starting in September 2007, when Apple released version 1.1 of iOS (then known as iPhone OS).

Original closed first generation iPhone, model A1203, order MA712LL/A (8 GB). The box features a full-size image of the iPhone with twelve icons on the screen, indicating that it is from the first production (2007); a thirteenth icon, for iTunes, followed. In new and factory sealed condition.

The bidding has ended, and the winner agreed to pay no more and no less than $35,414 for the iPhone.

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