It was to finish a few last tests with the Extreme E Acciona in Madrid before facing the end of the season and catching a plane to sleep in Munich, where the next day the other car in his hands would wait for him: the Audi of the Dakar. These are busy days for Carlos Sainz, but they are well worth it when there is barely more than a month left until the start in Saudi Arabia. The team with the four rings mounted a test on Monday at their headquarters in Neuburg an der Donau in which everything revolved around the Madrid native.

And it is that his is the only RS Q e-tron that is now able to run and did a few good kilometers with Lucas Cruz in the presence of some Spanish media, AS among them, with whom he chatted before. What was your workday at the wheel of the Audi like? “Checks to check that everything works, then we will do a test day before the Dakar which will be important, because having not done a career it will be more extensive than it normally is, “Sainz responds.

“The last tests in Morocco went well, removing some small problem that has delayed everything a little more, but nothing that cannot be solved from here to the Dakar,” he summarizes about the last tests in the desert, where he says that they could squeeze the hybrid 4×4 “about 400 km of a run and well”. So he continues to be optimistic about his options: “You have to be optimistic and go with the attitude and the desire to try to do your best. Deep down you always think that you can win, because if it is not very difficult to find motivation “.

And that recognizes that everything is even more complex than I expected: “I knew it was a complicated project, but when we started working and starting everything, it was even more technologically complicated than I could have guessed before, which It gives more value to being able to be at the start in the little time we have had. It has been a very hard job for all of us. “” I remain moderately optimistic knowing that the first year of a car, no matter what, is complicated, but you never know, “he reaffirms.

Not competing, a handicap

However, Sainz would come to the Dakar even more positive with kilometers of competition in his backpack, something that they will not finally be able to do: “We will arrive at the start of the first stage and we will never have competed … It is one more incentive, but it has happened to me with other cars.” “Although in the end the BRX will not go to Hail (the biggest test that remains) and Toyota I think it has run a loss in South Africa, but it is not a great test either,” he says of his rivals, who have not been able to run excessively with their new T1 +. So there is not so much disadvantage and he adds: “Rhythm we should have”. His ambition remains intact.


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