An ‘Indurain twist’ for Evenepoel

repeat the formula Miguel Indurain, attack in time trials and manage the advantage in the high mountains. That is the tactic that the extraterrestrial Navarre used to complete one of the most meteoric races in the history of cycling, a recipe that Remco Evenepoel intends to emulate for this Giro d’Italia on your way to success. Although, yes, it sounds easy to say… To tip the balance in his favor, the Belgian, who is facing his second Pink Corsa After his unsuccessful participation in 2021, he will have a golden opportunity on stage 9, which does not worry him at all in terms of wear and tear on his team in the event of donning the pink jersey.

“Last year I won the Vuelta with the red jersey on stage 6. So I think we have already shown that we can be on top of the podium. We are able to control the race for a long period. But of course stage 9 is still some way off. It’s a perfect day to maybe take it (the leadership) and trying to control the race ever since, but I think we don’t have to. The last week is so hard and so brutal that you can even take the jersey on stage 20 and become the winner of this year’s Giro”, the Belgian explained about his possible intentions, in addition to advancing that he has not had the opportunity to acknowledge the feared and unprecedented ascent to Monte Lussari.

Three weeks go a long way, but all predictions are based on the fact that Remco and his great rival in this event, Primoz Roglic, the title will be played in said time trial. “It is difficult to predict the tactic or to have already from here to the end. It will only be about legs. In Catalonia we had to fight for every second because there was no time trial. There wasn’t a huge difference between us on the climbs, so we had to fight for every second, but I think the Giro will be different.” The Belgian explained about his equality with Roglic seen in Catalonia, in addition to making his goal clear: “My goal is to be the fastest from here to Rome. That’s the tactic.”

Lastly, regarding the disturbing situation that the covid In the form of DNFs from other riders, Evenepoel was cautious: “I think we will act like the world again and wear masks. Handwashing sanitizes everything, so we’ll have to go back to that one more time, three weeks of total focus and trying to stay in as small a bubble as possible. Losing a few riders for the race can be a message for everyone. So, not only the cyclists, but also the staff members of the organization. Also you, the press. Everyone needs to be aware that the virus still exists and we all need to pay attention and try not to infect each other.” There is a lot at stake…

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