An Indian citizen fled the country after killing an Australian woman, the police also followed

New Delhi: An Indian man in Australia fled back to India after killing a young woman, but the Australian police also reached India after him.

According to Indian media, the Australian police has announced a record 1 million dollar reward for the capture of an Indian accused, the Indian accused fled to India after allegedly killing an Australian woman 4 years ago in 2018.

According to media reports, the 24-year-old deceased woman was walking with her dog on the Waingati Beach when she was murdered. Her body was found by her father the next morning.

Police say that 38-year-old accused Rajvinder Singh, who worked as a nurse, fled the country the day after the murder, leaving behind his job, wife and 3 children in Australia.

However, the Queensland Police reached India after him in search of the accused.

In March 2021, the Australian authorities had also requested the extradition of the accused from the Indian government.

The police said that the last location of this person was in India and they want to punish him and fulfill the requirements of law and justice in his country.

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