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The most iconic circuit in Formula 1 is not a fixture on the calendar in 2023. Events like Miami or Las Vegas, next year, are intended to match the glitter that historically surrounds the Monaco GP, and these new tests bring more benefits to Liberty Media compared to a traditional event that occupies its place without paying a fee, barely 5 million euros in organizational expenses. That is why there has been talk in recent weeks of the possibility that this race will fall out of a very tight World Championship (by regulation, there cannot be more than 24 races a year), and all the drivers defend the same position.

Alonso and Sainz, who agreed at the FIA ​​press conference, also went that way. “I’ve competed here 18 or 19 times, it’s a family circuit because this place doesn’t change much from year to year. I hope that with this generation of cars, a different challenge due to its weight, everything you experience in Monaco is a real challenge”, says Fernando, who now resides in the Principality. On his future: “It has to be on the calendar and not I see reasons why it is not. It is difficult to overtake, also in Singapore, Barcelona or Budapest before there was DRS. And there was no talk of removing those races from the calendar. Now there is a lot of talk, on social networks or because of how the world is, you have to constantly talk about all things. This is one of those things that doesn’t make sense.”

To do the perfect lap of Monte Carlo takes more than just talent: “It’s special, you need a level of commitment in every corner that is unique on the calendar and on any circuit. The level of risk and reward is unique and you enjoy when you nail it all. I maybe nailed four or five laps in 18 or 19 years, possibly not when I was on pole, they weren’t perfect laps, but the performance of the car is still more important than the influence of the driver.

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“It deserves to stay on the calendar”

On the other hand, Sainz aspires to fight for that pole on Saturday and change the trend of an irregular start to the season: “We come well prepared and with high confidence as a team. Although we arrive in Monaco with an open mind, because cars that may not have been in the fight can come this weekend, there are always ups and downs in Monaco. Regarding the grand prix and its history: “Monaco deserves to be on the F1 calendar, it is a great place that is directly related to Formula 1. It would be nice if there was an overtaking point, I’m not going to lie, because the show would be better on Sundays. Still, everyone knows that the weekend here is all about qualifying and the pit-stops.

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