An exciting return

Last spring, José Luis Ballano (26 years old), captain of Rivas Futsal, noticed something strange in the cervical area. “It had three lumps the size of a ping pong ball,” he says. After going to the doctor and passing the relevant tests, they gave him the dreaded news: he had cancer, specifically a Non-Hodgking Lymphoma. “At that moment the world falls at your feet,” Ballano highlights for AS from the team’s dressing room.

The club, which this season plays in Second B, He is fighting to return to the Second Division and, from this Saturday, he will have one more reinforcement, that of his captain, who in just six months has overcome the disease. “I have the illusion of a child when he goes to play in the park, now you value everything much more,” he adds. At the time of cancer, he was at his sporting peak. First team interests, contracts to sign in Second … but everything changed. “It was angry, because I felt good physically, but if I made efforts it was harmful, even if you didn’t realize it,” he laments.

Friday will be on the squad list of David Madrid, illustrious Spanish coach. “This category is too small for him,” emphasizes the technician, who kept the file for Ballano still without knowing if the recovery deadlines would be met. The captain does not lose his smile on his return to the slopes: “When I was diagnosed with cancer, I said; okay, today is the day to cry. From here, to work to recover ”, bill. And so he overcame it, not without difficulties. “The most complicated thing is the mental section, the psychology. Sure I was scared, but it’s not a bad thing. Makes you alert. If you are psychologically weak, the immune system is likely to worsen “, he relates about his experience and” appreciates “being an example of improvement for many.

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“In my case, all the shortest possible deadlines were met. I’ve been training with the group for a while and I’m great. I’ll have to control my desire on Saturday! ”, He laughs on the duel against Nueva Elda at Cerro del Telégrafo (17:00). He thanks the club for the effort and its constant attention: “They have turned to me at all times with tributes, calls … I got long teeth when I watched their matches. I wanted to be on the track, and I will finally be able to do it “. His goal is to reach the top, like his reference, Sergio Lozano: “I am not lacking enthusiasm and desire.” Before playing, Ballano already has his own victory with his return to the slopes.

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