An ex of Tiger Woods sues him for sexual harassment

Erica Herman, who was a partner of Tiger Woods for a little over five years, filed a lawsuit against the golfer on Friday, through her lawyer Benjamin Hodas, in a court in Martin County (Florida, USA). In it, Herman asks for compensation of 30 million dollars (26.7 euros) in damages for a series of behaviors by Woods that he considers to have been sexual harassment.

The relationship between Herman and Woods was forged through the restaurant that the Tiger has in Jupiter, Florida, where he has lived for a long time. Herman was hired to assist in the development of The Woods and assumed the position of Director of Operations upon opening. They started dating in 2015 and in 2016 Herman moved to live at the Californian’s house.

It was in 2017 that Tiger, according to the lawsuit, pushed Herman to sign a confidentiality agreement that stipulated that all disputes between the two would be resolved through private arbitration. From there, he began to be seen in public accompanying Woods. The problems between the two arose later, when, according to Herman, his partner began to demand that she leave his job at the restaurant to spend more time together. They finally broke up in a scene that Herman describes as a hoax by Woods, who made up a fictitious trip to pack up all her things and take her out of the house under the excuse of going to the airport.

Now Herman questions the validity of this confidentiality agreement, as he alleges that the conditions for it to remain in force are not met, and he also believes that the very fact that Woods, according to his version, imposed that agreement on him as a condition of keeping his job and continuing his personal relationship, falls into the category of sexual harassment.

He also brings other aspects that he believes reinforce his position, such as the fact that, he says, “having sexual relations” with the Californian was imposed on him as a condition to have rights to Woods’ house in Florida. In the letter in which Tiger provides his arguments to counter his ex-partner’s lawsuit, he defines her as an “abandoned ex-girlfriend wanting to litigate”, something that Herman’s lawyer considers another sign of an attitude that legitimizes the lawsuit.

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