An employee was deceived with a deepfake and transferred $25 million

An employee mistakenly transferred $25 million from a multinational company after being duped by fraudsters who used technology to impersonate his superiors.

The man fell victim to the deepfake, with which the criminals used artificial intelligence to imitate the voice and image of the finance director and other officials during a video conference.

“In the video conference of several people, everyone he saw turned out to be a fake,” said Baron Chan Shun-ching, Hong Kong’s top superintendent.

Police reported that this financial employee became suspicious after receiving a message purporting to be from the finance director of the UK-based company.

However, when he learned that they would be holding a video conference, he was relieved that he would see the faces of the people who would be attending the meeting.

Fraudsters tricked an employee with a deepfake of his superior.

Fraudsters tricked an employee with a deepfake of his superior. Photo: Freepik

So the finance employee agreed to transfer the $25 million to various accounts; However, the fatal error was discovered a week later when he consulted the company’s headquarters about this huge operation.

According to authorities, the criminals used videos shared online to exploit video and audio sequences that allowed them to create deepfakes of the company’s executives.

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