An emotional conversation between the girl buried in the debris and the rescue workers

More than 15 thousand people have died due to the terrible earthquake in Turkey and Syria, rescue and relief work is still going on.

Southeastern provinces of Turkey Kramanmash Millions of people were affected by the earthquake in Kahramanmaras. Rescue work is still going on there. Rescue workers buried an 8-year-old girl in the debris Zubaydah Removed safely. An emotional conversation took place during this rescue operation.

Rescue workers : Your name is Zubaydah, right??

Girl buried in the rubble (Zubaida) : Are we at home??

Rescue workers : Yes we are at home.

Zubaydah : How did you all reach home??

Rescue workers : Sorry

Zubaydah : How did you all get here??

Rescue workers : We reached here through the window, we saw the windows, smelled a good smell from there, then saw where this smell was coming from. We know that Zubaydah is here.

Rescue workers: Do you know how we were playing hide and seek??

Zubaydah : Oh

Rescue workers : And we caught you.

Zubaydah : Did you pour water on my feet??

Rescue workers : We are holding your feet, holding them. Did we pour water at your feet? Yes we did. Are your feet a little wet? Sorry we didn’t see it.

Patience son, it’s almost over.

Zubaydah was pulled out alive from the wreckage by the rescue workers with great love and compassion.

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