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An emblematic Parisian cabaret could soon close its doors, nearly 200 jobs at risk

End clap for the Lido? According to information from BFM Business, the Accor group, owner of the famous Parisian cabaret, would consider transforming the premises into a simple performance hall. A decision that could lead to the dismissal of almost all the staff.

The Lido had been bought by the hotel group from Sodexo in early December 2021. Only a few months later, Wednesday May 11, Accor announced its project to its 184 employees, the main consequence of which would be a collective dismissal. According to BFM Business, only a few technicians and administrative staff would be retained. Note that the Champs-Elysées cabaret has 22 staff or union representatives in its ranks, whom it will be difficult to thank.

Management has reportedly promised its staff to continue paying salaries until spring 2023, but negotiations have yet to begin. “We are going to fight to limit the breakage”, assures a union official. An announcement which comes at a time when the management of the Lido has decided to suspend partial activity. From May 12, all employees will have to return to work, even if activity has not yet returned to its pre-health crisis level.

In a report published on September 23, 2021, the Court of Auditors revealed that Parisian cabarets were the first beneficiaries of public aid granted to the entertainment sector during the Covid-19 pandemic: one million euros each for the Crazy Horse, the Paradis Latin and the Moulin Rouge and nearly 700,000 euros for the Lido.


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