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An elite agent transfers “Fito”, the leader of the gang who threatened to kill Fernando Villavicencio

An elite agent transfers

As part of a high-level operation carried out by nearly 2,000 agents from Ecuador’s police and armed forces, José Adolfo Macías Villamar was relocated at dawn on Sunday. also known as “Fito”the leader of the Los Choneros gang.

He had threatened to kill presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio, which he did riddled with gunshots at the exit of a rally in Quito on Wednesday. Fito remained at Guayas Social Rehabilitation Center Number 4, a maximum security prison in Guayaquil known as the Regional.

According to police investigations, the head of the organization linked to the Sinaloa cartel is one of the main suspects in having staged the murder of Villavicencio. “If I keep mentioning … Los Choneros (the band), they’re going to fuck me up.”condemned the candidate of the Construye movement in a recent interview.

“Fernando informed the public and the prosecutor of the threats he had received, which came in particular from the group of criminal gangs, aka “Fito”, the commander of Los Choneros, one of the most visible gangs in the prison , And that they had warned him that they would break it”the family attorney, Milton Castillo, moved to that paper.

However, Villavicencio was wife Veronica Sarauzhas at all times blamed the state for her husband’s death because security had failed and he could have been shot at almost point-blank range.

In response, Ecuadorian security forces raided a prison that previously had no prison inviolable for the authorities.

Acting President Guillermo Lasso reported on the operation on social networks. They did this, he explained, in order to carry out an extensive search and seizure of weapons and, above all, of to relocate the leaders of criminal organizationsas in the case of “Fito”.

In the pictures leaked by the authorities, he emerges from his hiding place in his underwear and is handcuffed by the agents. A few hours later the crime boss of Los Choneros reappears in a cell in La Roca prisonanother maximum security prison in Guayaquil.

After the assassination of the mayor of Manta Augustine IntriagoThe authorities They intensified operations in the country’s prisons. Between July 25 and 28 and August 3 and 4, during the state of emergency, Lasso conducted raids to stop the spiral of violence. But without tangible results. Villavicencio’s death has heightened feelings of insecurity.

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