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Being a mother and a high-level athlete has rarely been an easy task to cope with.

That of Annie Henríquez is one of those exceptional cases, because bowling has given her the opportunity to further strengthen the bond that unites her with Shantalle Hungary, her only daughter, who has followed in her footsteps in that sport.

To tell the truth, it was also difficult for her to reconcile one thing and the other, but only at the beginning, when in order to continue playing a sport that she describes as “a very important part of my life”, she was compelled to take “Shanty” to the Sebelén Bowling Center when she was barely three months old.

Although it was the mascot of “La Bolera”, it was gymnastics that seduced her and it was not until she was ten years old that she became interested in bowling.

Progress was immediate and for some time now she and her mother have been playing leagues together, they belong to the national team and the Dominican Republic Air Force team.

“It is very beautiful to be able to share the same passion with your daughter because that unites the family,” said the veteran player.

“We have participated in tournaments representing the country. We were at the Central American Games in Veracruz (Mexico-2014) and although we did not win a medal, it was an extraordinary experience”, he highlights.

“Being in an event of that magnitude with my daughter was something else,” confesses Annie, who leaves the role of mother at home a bit because on the field the one that predominates is that of companion.

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“On the court we are ´partner´ all the time. That makes the chemistry increase”, declares one of the best Dominican players in history.

“Shanty”, 26 years old, graduated with honors as a Bachelor of Advertising from Apec University in 2017 and made a specialty in film at an academy in Los Angeles last year, an area in which she currently works, but she always finds time to play bowling.

“She is a proud mother to share with her daughter and tries to beat her because even if she is her daughter, she always goes ahead. Annie is a warrior, a very courageous player, a great lady, a great woman, a great athlete, with a unique concentration”, emphasizes the immortal Rolando Sebelén, whose relationship with his sons Rolin, Rolando Antonio and Raphy, with whom he has made history in this discipline, as well as with his grandchildren, revolves around love and bowling.

“The daughter is not far behind. She is a great competitor. That unites the family a lot, gives them confidence, friendship. They enjoy the game as two friends and more than the two are young. They make a formidable couple. I admire them”.

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Together they have achieved medals both here and abroad, but when they have not reached the podium, the coexistence they have beyond the home, surpasses any award that has been pending.

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