An Australian professor who converted to Islam in Taliban captivity has reached Afghanistan

Kabul: Australian professor Timothy Weeks, who converted to Islam in Taliban prison, has once again reached Afghanistan.

According to the World News Agency, 53-year-old Australian Professor Timothy Weeks (Islamic name Gabriel Omar) has arrived in Kabul to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the establishment of the Emirate of Islamia government in Afghanistan.

Australian Professor Timothy Weeks arrived in Afghanistan yesterday, on this occasion he was dressed in traditional Afghan clothes, speaking to the media at Kabul Airport, saying that he first came here with a dream to learn about Afghanistan and now I Coming again to complete my journey.

Speaking to the Australian media earlier, he announced his visit to Afghanistan on the anniversary of the Taliban regime, saying that he now considers himself “an Afghan and a Pashtun”. He said, “I I ask the world to understand the Taliban and give them time.

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It should be noted that Australian professor Timothy Weeks was kidnapped and taken hostage by the Taliban near the university along with his American colleague in 2016. The Taliban released the two professors three years later in 2019 in exchange for the release of three of their leaders. Wax had accepted Islam.

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