An atypical Black Friday

This 2021 is being a very atypical year. The health pandemic has turned people’s lives upside down in every sense. Interpersonal relationships are not the same. Before we had no qualms about greeting the other person with two kisses, and now the greeting that is carried is by bumping the elbow to avoid any contact. The same happens when making purchases. We have gone from going to the physical store and buying the product to buying it directly online. How will this affect Black Friday?

However, this year is different, Covid-19 figures are improving considerably, and each time we are closer to reaching the total normality of before. The Black Friday is the only event that is not evolving. It has become stagnant, as all companies are currently offering numerous discounts and offers to reach or exceed the number of sales in the pre-pandemic year.

“I think we are moving into a world where Black Friday becomes less and less relevant … a world where there is not a single high-impact shopping event, but a continuous season of sales,” he claimed Mike Black, vice president of marketing for e. – comm insights a Retail Brew.

Reasons why Black Friday is changing

One of the reasons is the one we have commented before, we find ourselves in a situation in which everything is Offers and discounts. Another reason is that users are making their purchases earlier than any year. For example, before classes started, consumers bought the products a month before. The same is happening with Christmas shopping. There are still two months left and users have already started buying the gifts.

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According to a survey he conducted Klarna, 40% of consumers plan to do their Christmas shopping earlier than last year, while 22% have already started.

To all this is added the supply chain crisis. There are hardly any trucks to transport the orders and not enough workers to deliver them.

For these reasons, Black Friday is having less and less weight in society. However, as Kearney’s Michael Brown said, retailers need to prepare for what’s coming, and that what’s more, it’s about the products and the people.

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