An attack in Jerusalem calls the fragile ceasefire into question

Mia Schem21 years old and Amit Soussana40 people were released in the afternoon, while another eight people are expected to return to Israel from Hamas captivity in Gaza. Mia was kidnapped at an open-air rave near Kibbutz Re’im. She is a tattoo artist and also holds French citizenship. According to reconstructions of events, she tried to escape from the group on October 7 after being shot by the attackers, but was captured and taken to Gaza. Shem was the first hostage to appear in a video filmed and released by Hamas that showed her receiving medical care. Amit was kidnapped from her home in Kibbutz Kfar Aza, she is a lawyer. On October 7, he told his parents that he was hiding in a closet in the safe room of their home. She was initially considered missing.

And so every day there are the stories of the freed abductees and the stories of those who are still hostages. In a constant flow of descriptions, anecdotes and information to a public that is also hostage to the situation. The families are also demanding that negotiations begin regarding the departure of the men and soldiers kidnapped by Hamas on October 7th.

In the middle of the ceasefire, an attack broke out in Jerusalem, in the so-called “Trempiada,” a place where Jerusalemites go “tremp,” meaning “hitchhiking,” a deeply rooted custom in the country. There, two Arab-Israeli attackers from East Jerusalem, it later emerged, got out of a car and fired point-blank M-16s at those waiting for their “tremp,” or bus, fatally wounding three people who died later in the Hospital. A 24-year-old pregnant teacher, a 73-year-old rabbi and a woman in her 60s.

Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack despite agreeing to an extension of the temporary ceasefire with Tel Aviv. Police and an armed civilian killed the two attackers. Almost in parallel, violence in the region continued on this sixth day of the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. Clashes broke out between Israeli troops and Palestinians near Israel’s Ofer prison in the West Bank, where Israel would release more Palestinian prisoners in the evening in exchange for the hostages released by Hamas, under the agreement negotiated by Qatar under the auspices of the United States Palestinian residents of the surrounding neighborhoods. A 21-year-old young man died Fadi Badranas the Palestinian health authorities report, due to shots fired by Israeli law enforcement forces.

Shortly thereafter, there was a car attack on an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) checkpoint in the Jordan Valley area of ​​the West Bank, in which two slightly injured soldiers were shot and “neutralized” the attacker. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, 247 Arabs have been killed in the West Bank since October 7.

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Hamas has spread various disturbing “information” about the fate of Bibas’s mother’s family Shiriyour baby kfir and the little one Ariel. Known as the “red-headed children.” Father Yarden was also kidnapped. On Wednesday, Hamas said via drip that it did not have them and that they were in the hands of another organization in Gaza. Then he said they were actually dead. And they released a video of Father Yarden desperately pleading with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to bury his family in Israel.

Blinken advocates a “continuation” of the "important"  There is a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas in Gaza
Blinken supports the “continuation” of the “important” ceasefire between Israel and Hamas in GazaEUROPAPRESS

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, visiting Israel again, told War Cabinet members that if Israel does not take steps to reduce damage to civilians in the next phase of fighting in the Gaza Strip, it will have several weeks to do so Complete war objectives.

At his meeting with the War Cabinet, he asked its members how long they expected fighting in the southern strip to last after the end of the ceasefire, warning them that widespread damage to civilians or deterioration in the region would even amount to a humanitarian catastrophe shorten the time during which the United States and other Western countries could continue to provide unconditional support to Israel.

Prominent Palestinian activist was among the 30 Palestinian prisoners Israel released from various prison facilities on Wednesday evening Ahed Tamimi, who rose to fame six years ago when she was 16 and imprisoned for slapping an Israeli soldier. She was also released on Wednesday Suhir Ismail Musa Barghouti, 64, a Hamas member from the West Bank who has been held since October 26 on unspecified suspicions. She is the oldest woman among the Palestinian security prisoners who were on the list to be released in exchange for Israeli civilian hostages.

your two sons, Asem And Salih Barghouti, carried out a shooting attack at the Ofir Crossing in the West Bank in December 2018, in which Shira Ish-Ran was seriously injured and her husband Amijai was moderately injured. As a result of the attack, Ish-Ra, who was pregnant at the time, lost her baby. Salih was killed by Israeli forces a week after the attack and Asem was arrested a month later.

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