An Arab woman who possessed drugs in Dubai was given a heavy sentence

A court in Dubai has sentenced an Arab woman to prison and deportation for drug possession, while her friend has been fined.

According to foreign media, the court of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates has sentenced an Arab woman to one month in prison for drug possession and expulsion from the Emirates with a ban on remittances for two years, while her friend was sentenced to prison for supporting her. What is the fine of five thousand dirhams?

According to the report, the anti-narcotics agency officials arrested an Arab woman on a tip-off, while a friend of hers who was intoxicated was also detained from her house.

After the arrest, during the search, the woman herself took out the drugs hidden in her underwear and handed them over to the police.

The woman admitted that she had bought the drugs online from a businessman through WhatsApp.

In his Iqbali statement, he told the police that he had transferred money to the businessman online and had gone to the address given by him to collect the drugs.

The said woman and her friend were handed over to the public prosecution and from there the case of both was sent to the court.

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