An angry bull pushes a cyclist into the air (heartbroken to see the video)

During a bicycle race in the United States, an angry bull attacked a cyclist, injuring three people who were taking part in the race. The video of the incident shocked the people.

In the West, cows are often seen roaming free in the mountains, forests and national parks, often attacking civilians passing by.

A similar video went viral on social media in recent days in which participants in a bicycle race held in the US state of California were injured by a bull attack.

The video shows Bell standing by the track and attacking cyclists.

Meanwhile, a cyclist accidentally got too close to the bull, causing the bull to bounce in the air.

The victim was identified as Tony Underbertzi, who said that after the attack, his neck ached so badly that it was as if the pain would kill him.

The race management said that fortunately all the cyclists completed the prescribed route safely but three riders were injured by the bull attack.

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