An Andorra of ten rescues a point against Las Palmas

VAR is doing Andorra few favors this season. One more day, to the tricolors, it was the cross and it is that Hector Hevel was sent off in the first minute for a straight red. It is true that he made contact with the studs on Mfulu’s leg, very close to the knee, but he touched the ball first. He did it from the top of the ball which caused him, due to inertia, to collide with the Las Palmas midfielder. The referee first showed him a yellow card, but he was warned by the VAR to see the entry repeated, and in slow motion, and he changed his mind: a direct red card. It may seem the fastest in Segunda but this ‘honor’ belongs to Pomares, a Tenerife player, who on December 11, 2020 was sent off after 12 seconds of the game for a tackle on Juanjo Nieto, from Oviedo. Despite playing with one minus a total of 94 minutes, the tricolor team knew how to hold on to Las Palmas and rescue a point that tastes like glory. It is more bitter for those of García Pimienta who, although they continue to be leaders, feel that a golden opportunity has vanished. Up to two times they ran into the stick and it was impossible for them to win.

The red one to Hector conditioned everything. What was going to be a showy game, with a fierce fight for possession, ended up in a monologue in Las Palmas. The tricolor block did enough to defend itself. He is not used to hanging from the post of his goal, much less running for so long behind the ball and his rival. Las Palmas, with Pejiño and Óscar Clemente, gave the rival little margin and, at 15′, Clemente had a one-on-one with Ratti that he did not take advantage of because he finished off too crossly. It is true that a few minutes later The injury, and the change, of Marc Cardona disrupted García Pimienta’s plans a bit, but he kept sending. Of course, without having verticality or glue. In front of, Andorra trusted everything to the contras, although they hardly had any opportunities. The only one, a shot by Germán Valera from outside the area at 40′ that Valles saved.

The second half looked like it was going to take forever for Andorra and even more so when Pejiño and Marvin took over all the offensive power of Las Palmas on the right wing. Pejiño was especially inspired and, at minute 54, he was on the verge of making it 0-1. A great shot was taken from outside the area that ran into the left post of the goal of a Ratti who was already surpassed. To try to reduce water, Eder Sarabia (he watched the game from the stands due to suspension) ordered the appearance of Álex Valle, who made his debut in the Second Division, in order to double the band and try to control the block from Gran Canaria. Andorra’s survival exercise was to frame and had a prize. In the end, Las Palmas went all out and won, but it was a want and I can’t. At minute 88, Ratti embittered Pejiño with a marvelous save and a minute later, Andone finished off, with a header, hitting the post. The final whistle was a release for a creditable Andorra.


Loren Moron (16′, Marc Cardona), Alex Valle (60′, Jacobo González), Florin Andone (65′, Alberto Moleiro), wilfrid kaptoum (65′, Sergi Cardona), Ruben Bover (69′, Sergio Molina), Mustapha Bundu (69′, Sinan Bakis), Fabio Gonzalez (75′, Omenuke Mfulu), Alvaro Jimenez (75′, Marvin Park), jandro orellana (83′, Marc Aguado), Alex Pastor (83′, German Valera)


Referee: José Antonio López Toca
VAR referee: David Pérez Pallas, Daniel Ocón Arráiz
Hector Hevel (2′,Red) allende (34′,Yellow) curbelo (37′,Yellow) Sergi Cardona (53′,Yellow) German Valera (54′,Yellow) Florin Andone (81′,Yellow) Diego Pampin (93′,Yellow)

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