“An almost traumatic shock”: Cathy remembers her separation from David Guetta

After 25 years together, Cathy and David Guetta ended their union in 2014. A traumatic moment for the businesswoman.

In an interview with the magazine Gala, Cathy Guetta begins by evoking her glory years in Ibiza where her F * ck me I’m Famous parties had become essential. The couple becomes a symbol of success, united by love and business acumen.

“I was a waitress at Les Bains and he was artistic director at the Queen, everyone loved us when they said, ‘Come on, we’re setting up our own establishments.’ I was the image of our evenings, I had the VIP contacts. But it was David who had the entrepreneurial spirit. We have built our 50/50 success, ”recalls Cathy Guetta.

But in 2014, the famous DJ made the decision to leave his wife after 20 years of marriage. She doesn’t expect it and is overwhelmed by the prospect of no longer living without him.

“Although I saw myself growing old with him with a cane and our grandchildren, I do not consider that we have failed. He left for reasons that concern him. But he had an unconditional love for him. I experienced an almost traumatic shock when our story came to an end. He was my prince charming and my best friend, but I adapted, ”he says.

Today, Cathy and David Guetta do everything they can to maintain good relationships with each other for their two children. And meet regularly to spend part of your summer vacation with the family. A great way to stay in touch despite a painful breakup.

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