An acrobat dies in a fall in the middle of a number with her husband

The video of the drama has been doing the rounds on social media since this weekend. A Chinese acrobat died in an accident while performing on Saturday near Suzhou, relays CNN. The young woman performed a duet number with her husband, several tens of meters above the ground.

The couple were wrapped in silk fabrics, with no harness or safety net. During a transition between two movements, the circassian let go and her companion could not catch up with her.

Many shortcomings

On the images relayed on the Internet, we can see the acrobat make a vertiginous fall, under the cries of terror of the spectators. Rushed to hospital, the artist did not survive her injuries.

The investigation carried out by the local authorities concluded that an accident had occurred. But many shortcomings have been highlighted, indicates the American media. The show had been organized by a company, which had turned to a company to put on the show.

A crane to hoist the couple

However, the company did not have the authorizations required for this representation. In addition, it had not put in place adequate security and emergency measures. The use of a crane to hoist the couple of acrobats in the air was also prohibited. The company will therefore have to compensate the family of the deceased, mother of two children.

In a statement, the Chinese Acrobats Association said it was “devastated and shocked by the tragedy”. She also calls on artists to be more vigilant about safety devices during numbers.

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