An 11-year-old child files a complaint against his mother because she sells sex toys

The Reunionese media echo a case in which an 11-year-old child recently lodged a complaint against his mother on the grounds that she markets sextoys.

While the story might seem unusual, it is of course more complex, like many family matters. And for the mother of the little boy, she actually hides an instrumentalisation of the child by the family of her former companion.

Everything starts on July 23, explains the media zinfos974. That day, little Léo (assumed name used by our colleagues, Editor’s note), 11, presented himself to the Tampon gendarmerie with his grandmother and his father to file a complaint against Wendy, his mother.

In his complaint, the little boy mentions his mother’s sex toy trade, an activity that Wendy does online in addition to her job as an accounting assistant.

Revenge after separation?

However, the mother wishes to clarify that Leo has never been in contact with his accessories and that she has no physical stock at his home.

According to her, her business activity is in fact just a pretext to harm her. For Wendy, Leo’s father has never actually put up with their separation. Another aspect raised by the mother of a family: her son Léo, she says, “thinks (that she) loves her two brothers more than he does.”

“I’m not a thing, I’m not just a mom. I am a person, a woman. I like to please and to seduce (…) I am proud of everything that I have accomplished. I don’t want to go into the perfect housewife’s hut, ”she still defends herself.

Now it’s up to the courts to take stock of this whole affair. Leo has to be auditioned again and will hear what his mom or his half-brothers may have said.

“I shouldn’t have to choose between a business that gave me stability and being deprived of my son for it. He is my son, I fought for 8 hours to bring him into the world and I love him. I don’t want to go to war against his father. I just ask that my son get out of this parental conflict, ”concludes Wendy to our colleagues.

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