Amrita Rao revealed that she never fought with her husband in 12 years of relationship, but after having a child

Amrita Rao and RJ Anmol launched their YouTube series ‘Couple of Things’ some time ago and since then they have been sharing moments from their personal life that have impressed their fans. The duo recently asked content creator Ankur Warikoo to talk about Pyaar Ki Har Baat on his show.

Known for providing financial and business advice, Warikoo shares various relationship-related knowledge and tips to help young people. During the conversation, the couple also revealed that they had several personal differences following the birth of their baby Veer in 2020.

He said, “In 10 years, we never fought or had differences. We were alike in many ways and then we were brave [हमारे जीवन में] We came and saw that many differences were taking place. There were times when I thought it was better. On the other hand, he felt that he was better. These clashes happen between us often.”

Amrita said that after Veer’s arrival there were times when she felt insecure. She explained, “When Veer came into our lives, he had insecurities as a second son. Anmol was a practical father. He was very interested in them and wanted to make all the important decisions for him and also wanted to rule a bit. I was also pointed the finger by Veer. Anmol suddenly became like Sunny Deol (laughs). But I think it happens in all relationships.”

He continued: “Our lives came together [वीर के जन्म के बाद] And maybe at the right time. All of these changes were significant after being in a relationship for 12 years. A child is probably a gift of nature that adds positive unpredictability.”

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