Amrish Puri was a devotee of Asaram, at Baba’s behest he had to do this job again and again in front of his followers.

Asaram Bapu is currently living in jail. There was a time when big stars used to visit his ashram to listen to his speeches. Veteran star Amrish Puri’s name is also included in this list. Although Amrish Puri is known for his excellent performance, but once he came to listen to Asaram Bapu’s speech, he himself accepted that he calms down after listening to Asaram Bapu’s speech. A video of this can be viewed on YouTube.

In this video available on YouTube, Asaram Bapu is seen asking Amrish Puri to introduce him and say two words. Amrish Puri, who came to Asaram pandal, is now seen saying, ‘Brothers and sisters, I am a devotee of God, a devotee of Bapuji. By listening to his speech here, the purity of the mind, the mind is purified. That is why we all gather here. We continue to receive knowledge and discourse here. May Bapuji always bless us and keep awakening us. In this video, Asaram asks Amrish Puri to introduce himself multiple times. After which Amrish Puri is seen introducing himself again and again.

Amrish Puri said that he should remove our bad thoughts and show us the right path and let the thoughts of God enter us, this is our prayer to him. After this, Asaram looks at the crowd and says, ‘You’re looking. Dabangg is an actor. When they roll, they are different. After this, Asaram again asked Amrish Puri to introduce him. After which Amrish says, Bapuji wants me to tell you that Mogambo is happy with what Bapuji gives us and what you take. After this, the people sitting in the pandal start clapping loudly.

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