AMR24 puts Fernando Alonso on the same level as Verstappen

The British team’s new car showed in pre-season testing that it has a lot of potential

Aston Martin continues to prepare for the new Formula 1 season, where he has high hopes for Fernando Alonso. To this end, they responded to the request of the man from Oviedo, who asked for improvements to the car to make it a successful model. Well, the AMR24 has already shown the first signs of this in tests before the start of 2024 for the “big circus”.

Let’s remember this Fernando Alonso was involved in the development of the new car with some recommendations, some of which Aston Martin has followed. There are even expectations for the hidden diffuser they have installed in the car, which could be a key element for the season.

Aston Martin Alonso
The man from Oviedo has been happy with the car’s performance so far.

Fernando Alonso gets good feelings with the new Aston Martin car

In this way, it was established that one of the premises that Mike Krack’s team currently has is to collaborate with Red Bull. Those of energy drinks are the benchmark to beat and that is why they have worked on a solid car that offers short-term guarantees.. For this reason, the pre-season tests have left great surprises and expectations for those in the Emerald Monkey.

In this order of ideas, Aston Martin’s AMR24 left a pleasant impression, which Fernando Alonso has developed good feelings about. Although it is still premature to talk about what will happen this year from the first rounds of testing, a trend can already be seen as to what will happen. Of course there are issues that need to be highlighted.

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The Brits can compete at Red Bull’s level if they put in the effort, and that’s what has been shown in pre-season testing.

In the first hour and a half of testing before the course began, the British team stood out from the others in several ways. One of them has to do directly with the guarantees that the car offers.. It was the structure that took the most twists and turns in this beginning. In addition, it did not show any obvious problems, as was the case with other teams.

Even, One of the surprises was the instability of the Red Bull car. who, led by Verstappen, showed great instability on every lap. This means that this team has to work a lot on the final details of their car. As a caveat, it must be noted that these are the first pre-season tests and the concepts are still being refined within each of the teams.

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